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The purpose of this book is to provide daily inspiration and guidance for anyone who wishes to teach the Qur’an. This book aims to centralise the teaching tips into one concise book and aims to be the ultimate Qur’an teaching handbook for anyone who wishes to teach the Qur’an. In this book, each daily tip is explained further; which gives the reader a more detailed guidance of how to practically implement each teaching tip into real life. We have also included 52 inspiring teaching quotes of the week, to help motivate the reader further!

About the author

Qari Is’Haaq Jasat is the founder and Director of National Huffadh Association UK.
He memorised the Holy Qur’aan by the age of 11 at Quwwat ul Islam Masjid, London. He has studied Tajweed and Qiraa’ah in Egypt, Jordan & Morocco and is currently studying the Saba’ Qiraa’ah (7 Different ways of recital).
He is a qualified secondary school teacher and has vast experience of teaching in a school setting. Currently, he is employed as the Director of Learning for Religious Education and Civic & Community Leadership Coordinator at the Eden Girls school in Waltham Forest, London. He has successfully completed an LLB (Hons) Law degree at the University of East London and undertook the Legal Practice Course at Leeds Metropolitan University.


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