About Us

Get My 365 was established in 2020, with the vision of providing high quality products at affordable prices. From books to planners, our shop contains inspirational gifts to fill barakah in your year!

Our books’ range contain a wide range of 365 tips; one motivational tip for each day of the year.

Our first book was published in April 2020; 365 Tips To Help You Memorise The Qur’an, which has sold over 3,000 copies to date.

We understand that many of us have time constraints and most of our audience may not have the time to read through a book for several hours. Therefore, the unique element of our books is the conciseness of the tips. We have carefully selected and crafted brief but precise daily tips, which will in turn; help the reader to digest and apply into their daily lives.

Also, we have plans to release more 365 Tips branded books and planners in the near future.

Feel free to browse our website and spread the word of Get My 365!

Please keep us in your blessed duaas.

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