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Why is My Quran Journal important?

There are moments in your life where you may recite or listen to some verses of the Quran and within that special moment, it feels as if those verses were exactly what you wanted, or even needed, to hear or recite. 

Recite Revise Reflect

Have you ever felt like this?  

When we think of the Quran, these three words are very commonly associated with this beautiful book. In fact, our relationship and connection with the Quran can be summarised in these very three words. My Quran Journal is centred around the these three core concepts. When we recite the Quran, our duty is to not only recite the Quran in any shape or form but in a correct and melodious manner. Whether we have memorised or are just simply reciting the Quran, it is every Muslim’s duty to revise the Quran.




My Quran Journal allows you to record these moments and connect more deeply with the Quran. It is a system of penning your reflections, appreciation and gratitude. Many of us tend to recite the Quran regularly but how often do we find the time to just truly slow down and reflect upon the words of Allah and what He is telling us? We undertook a Quran Journal survey in the early months of 2022. Within four weeks of pushing out this survey, we received an astonishing 170 responses! One of the questions we had asked within the survey was: ‘Have you ever owned a Quran Journal?’ and 88.2% of the respondents replied with no! Also, we undertook over 15 focus group interviews with a diverse range of audiences. Within these interviews, we had realised that there was so much demand for a Quran Journal. A lot of the participants mentioned how they wanted a book which helped them to connect more deeply with the Quran.


WHY do you need to support My Quran Journal?

My Quran Journal aims to transform the lives of many around the world. Whether you are a Quran student/teacher, a parent or just someone who wants to connect more with the Quran, this is the book for you! Many people memorise and recite the Quran fluently but not many are able to UNDERSTAND and REFLECT over the Quran. This book aims to help overcome this barrier. Your help and support will allow so many to connect more deeply with the Quran!


I pray and hope that My Quran Journal both mentally and spiritually transforms your relationship with the Quran. Ameen!
Please keep me in your prayers.




Is’Haaq Jasat
Author of My Quran Journal and Founder/CEO of Get My 365 


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